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Standards of developing skincare products

At THREE, in order to maintain the safety and trustworthiness of our offerings, we have been developing skincare products under the following set of voluntary standards. While maintaining the comfortable usage and effective performance of all products, we have successfully formulated them to make the average percentage of naturally derived ingredients exceed 85%.

  • Taking particular note on their quality, we use Japanese ingredients as much as possible.

    We use and incorporate ingredients sourced in Japan so that we can see with our own eyes how and by whom they were grown.

  • We use ingredients that conform to organic certification standards whenever possible.

    We use plant-based ingredients that are organically certified or conform to the same standards.

  • We do not use genetically modified ingredients.

    We believe that Mother Nature creates the most ideal composition in ingredients that are far superior to what humans are capable of developing. Therefore, we use the ingredients in their natural state whenever possible.

  • We do not use any artificial fragrances or coloring.

    To make full use of raw ingredients, we use essential oils in their whole form instead of using extracted aroma components.

  • We do not use parabens.

    As a brand that uses select natural ingredients, we are concerned with the safety of our customers.
    None of our products contain parabens.

  • We do not conduct animal testing.

    Because we are considerate of preserving the environment and maintaining the ecological system, we do not test our products on animals.
    *Holistic care is a collective term for skin care, body care, hair care, inner care, and environmental care.

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