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Brand Background

〔3〕 is the symbol of creation

Just as this world is made up of "Yin" and "Yang", an unknown entity and a new essence born between contradictory things. For example, nature and technology. An immutable rule and a moving mode.

Dispersed individuality and unwavering proportions. Multiplying values that are far apart from each other, and a third value beyond imagination begins to exist in each person. Eventually, something that leads to a personality that you do not know yet. That is the creativity called THREE.

The Essential of THREE


Respect for the wisdom of nature. New possibilities to be created by science. Confidence in your life backed up by your own experiences. “Intelligence” derived from knowledge and progress.


Free thinking, free from restrictions. Well-honed five senses to get closer to the truth. The strength to believe in your own vision and face the unknown. Without stopping the movement of your “sensitivity,” which vividly repaints your field of vision.


The reflection of your face in a mirror does not have to be the same every time. It does not matter whether a scene in your mind is monochrome or colored. How you act to spend the brand-new today, it is always up to you. Accept your own constantly changing “balance.” The beauty of being yourself lies therein.

Brand Message

Find Your Balance

What do you look like, what kind of life do you have? Where is your individuality? While accepting contradictions and hesitation, stare at your range. Sometimes leaning in one direction, sometimes leaning in another direction. Enjoying a balance that feels good to me, not necessarily in the center . And eventually, so that she can reach her own personality there.

Brand Concept

There is the natural power of our body that lets us stay comfortable and healthy. THREE HOLISTIC CARE helps this power in many ways, while it may be weakened by various factors of the modern society, by using the gift from plant that exceeds human senses, such as essential oil. We consider mind, body and skin together as a whole, and bring you the feeling that reaches the "instinct" of beauty.

THREE Global Creative Director


Based in NY, Omoto is an internationally renowned makeup artist. She became involved in a number of collections, working on team with Tom Pecheux and Pat Mcgrath.

She has been working for several mode fashion publications such as ELLE and VOGUE. She enjoys the relaxing moments with her dogs.


3 Development Policies of THREE Holistic Care

Based on the knowledge of the THREE Holistic Research Center, which conducts research on the relationship between essential oils and other plant blessings and "mind, body, and skin," we will aim to create unique value through 3 development policies.


Essential oils contain between 100 and 400 complex ingredients in just one drop and have powers beyond human knowledge. three focuses not only on the pleasant fragrance of essential oils, but also on their multifunctional approach and usefulness. We skillfully combine high-quality essential oils with a fragrant and pleasant aroma to suit the purpose of each item.

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