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Article: Balancing Lipcare

Balancing Lipcare

Balancing Lipcare

Focus on the moisturizing environment. The birth of two unique, rich lip care products, based on scientific study of the hidden power of plants.

With freshness and elasticity... In order to restore and maintain the natural beauty of the lips, THREE has developed lip bars and masks with a unique “moisturizing veil formula” that focuses on the moisturizing environment.

They contain a luxurious blend of plant extracts and oils carefully selected using THREE’s unique proprietary methods, which are based in our ongoing scientific study of nature. Delicate lips, vulnerable to damage, are provided with intense lip care that envelops, moisturizes, and circulates both day and night.

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THREE Balancing Protective Lip Bar
Natural origin content 99% (ISO 16128 compliant, including water)
1,150 ฿

Protects your lips against UV rays and dryness, the two most serious types of damage, with botanical oils. This lip balm will give you smooth lips, overflowing with moisture. It achieves SPF20/PA++ without relying on UV absorbers or UV scattering agents. It is suitable for lip care before going to bed as well as during the day, and as a base for lip colors. The gender-fluid scent and design can be used by anyone.

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Gently apply and spread over your lips several times a day. It can be used as a moisturizing lip balm not only during the day but also at night, and for many other uses including as a base for lip colors.

THREE Balancing Versatile Lip Mask
Natural origin content 90% (ISO 16128 compliant, including water)

An intensive treatment mask for your lips in the form of a soft gel cream that delivers moisture deep into every nook and cranny. Specially selected natural sugars form a dense veil over the lips. The “wrap effect” recharges the lips with ample moisture, supporting an ideally moisturized state. If you use it before bedtime, your lips will be firm and elastic the next morning. The gender-fluid scent and design can be used by anyone.

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ทาลิปมาส์กบนริมฝีปากในปริมาณที่เหมาะสม และค่อย ๆ เกลี่ยให้ทั่วริมฝีปาก โดยสามารถใช้เป็น
ลิปบำรุงก่อนนอน หรือบำรุงตอนกลางวันได้โดยไม่ต้องล้างออก


< Moisture Replenishing Complex >
ส่วนผสมที่ประกอบไปด้วยพืชพรรณทั้ง 3 ชนิด ช่วยดูแลความชุ่มชื้นของริมฝีปาก

Snow fungus polysaccharides

Natural plant polysaccharides obtained from the snow fungus mushroom, prized as a luxury food that gives beautiful skin. This thickening ingredient has a high molecular weight and boasts better water retention than hyaluronic acid. It forms a soft moisturizing veil, protecting your lips.

Myrothamnus flabellifolia extract

An extract obtained from plants of the myrothamnaceae family, which live and thrive even in harsh desert environments. They have excellent water storage and immediate moisture retention properties, leaving your lips full of moisture.

Ginger oil

An essential oil extracted from ginger root. Used not only for food, it has also played an important role in health in China and India since ancient times. The tangy, pungent, spicy aroma is invigorating.

Frankincense Oil

Essential oil extracted from tree sap or olibanum, has a sweet aroma. and hot, inviting to inhale

Bergamot Fruit Oil

Essential oil extracted from bergamot fruit. Gives a clean scent Provides refreshment to the soul.

Marjoram Oil (mayonnaise leaf oil)

Essential oil extracted from marjoram leaves. Gives you a feeling of relaxation with its spicy, warm, and sweet scent.

Rosemary Oil(rosemary leaf oil)

Essential oil extracted from the whole rosemary plant. One of the plants in the Labiatae family, it has a cool, refreshing scent.

< Botanical oils > *Contained in THREE Balancing Protective Lip Bar

Pongamia pinnata seed oil

This oil is extracted by cold pressing from the seeds of pongamia pinnata, a legume that has been highly prized in India since ancient times. It is rich in oleic acid, soaks in easily, and contains pongamol, a natural UV inhibitor, protecting against UV damage.

Rice bran oil (products of Japan)

This oil, rich in oleic and linoleic acids, soaks in readily and has long been prized for skin and hair care. It contains vitamin E; gamma oryzanol, which has natural UV-absorbing properties; and ferulic acid, a type of polyphenol; and can be expected to care for your skin in ways that go beyond simply supplying moisture.

< Botanical extracts > *Contained in THREE Versatile Lip Mask

Aphanothese sacrum polysaccharide (products of Japan)

A natural high-molecular polysaccharide obtained from algae indigenous to Japan, growing in the beautiful subsoil water of the Aso volcanic ashlayer in Kyushu region. Highly prized as a luxury food since the Edo Period, aphanothese sacrum is rich in vitamins and minerals, has a high molecular weight, and has five to ten times the water retention capacity of hyaluronic acid and about three times the capacity to bind with water.

Molasses & sake lees extract จากประเทศญี่ปุ่น

This upcycled extract is made by combining molasses, a byproduct wrung out in the process of making the refined Japanese sugar wasanbon, a traditional ingredient, with sake lees, a byproduct of pure sake brewing. It contains amino acids and minerals as well as sugars, increasing moisture and improving texture.

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Balancing Overnight Oil Serum

Balancing Overnight Oil Serum

A pre-sleep ritual for infusing your skin with the concentrated benefits of essential oils. An oil beauty serum that fills you with firmness in the morning when you wake up.

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Pursuit and new discoveries. The spirit of exploration within your heart. Just following the rules – life is boring if that’s all you do. So enjoy unexpected changes of route to the full.

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